About me

I am Graciela and I have been a Clinical Psychologist for almost 15 years (License number 01/24912). I am a Psychotherapist who works with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT).

After some years, working as a Psychotherapist in Australia, I came back to Brazil. My previous experiences included, but were not limited to teach, research and perform military service.

During my clinical practice, I have helped many people to make significant changes in their lives. During the sessions conducted by me, I will do my best to work with your needs and address subjects which will be preserved with all confidentiality and respect.

Online and face-to-face service for adults suitable for Portuguese and English speakers.

I seek to integrate the latest in academic research to psychotherapy sessions. In addition, the treatment plan is highly personalized and built based on the needs of those who are seeking follow-up.


  • Suicide Prevention Summit (Mental Health Academy & Life Line Australia, 2023)
  • II International Congress On Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (LaPPIC USP, 2022)
  • Science and Wisdom of Emotions Summit (Mind and Life Institute, 2021)
  • Suicide Prevention Summit (Mental Health Academy & Life Line Australia, 2020)
  • Workshop: MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview (Melbourne University, 2020)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs (Australian Learning Group, Melbourne, 2019)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Wainer and Piccoloto Institute, 2015)

Professional Experience

  • Private practice (2010 - present)
  • Research Assistant at Melbourne University
  • Clinical Psychologist in the Brazilian Navy
  • Doctoral Fellow, Fapergs - Capes
  • Master's scholarship, Capes - PROSUP