From books and videos to movies and series, here are some suggested tools that can help you dive deeper into important issues. I hope these tips are able to generate benefits in your life!


Brenè Brown

  • The art of imperfection;
  • A coragem de ser imperfeito;
  • I thought it only happened to me: how to fight the shame culture and regain power and courage;
  • Stronger than ever: Fall down. Get up. Try again.


Bruce Perry & Oprah Winfrey 

  • What happened to you?


Djamila Ribeiro

  • Pequeno manual antirracista (Not translated to Portuguese yet)


Danny Panman & Mark Williams

  • Mindfulness: how to find peace in a frantic world.


Elaine Aron

  • Highly sensitive people


Julie Smith

  • Why didn't anyone tell me this before?


Haemin Sunim

  • The things you only see when you slow down: how to stay calm in a frantic world.


Hupi Kaur

  • Healing through words;
  • My body my home;
  • What the sun does to flowers.


Ibram X. Kendi

  • How to be anti-racist;
  • Tagged.


Ichiro Kishimi 

  • The courage not to please.


Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Mindfulness for beginners


Lindsay Gibson

  • Adult children of emotionally immature parents
  • Disentangling from emotionally immature parents
  • Recovering from emotionally immature parents;
  • Self-care for adult children of emotionally immature parents;
  • Who you were meant to be.


Renni Eddo-Lodge 

  • The reason why I don't talk to white people about race anymore.


Robert Leahy

  • How to deal with worries;
  • Don't believe everything you feel;
  • If only... Free yourself from regret and live better from the knowledge of cognitive science.


Robin Diangelo

  • White fragility - why it's so hard to talk to white people about racism
  • It's not enough not to be racist: let's be anti-racist.


Tarana Burke & Brenè Brown

  • You are your best thing: vulnerability, shame, resilience and black experience.


Walter Riso

  • Manual para não morrer de amor; (Not translated to Portuguese yet)
  • Amar ou depender? (Not translated to Portuguese yet)

TED Talks

The power of vulnerability
Brenè Brown

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Listening to shame
Brenè Brown
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The revolutionary power of diversity of thought
Elif Shafak
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Don't be afraid to tell the necessary truths
Luvvie Ajayi
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Reparenting Our Inner Child
The School of Life
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How to deal with negative emotions: proven daily techniques
The School of Life
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Movies / TV Show

Big little lies – Amazon Prime / HBO Max

A murder exposes the problems in the seemingly perfect community of Monterey, California. In this quiet town, the crime may be the result of secrets and rivalries involving the mothers of children at the local school.


Dear white people – Netflix

Black students at a prestigious US university face disrespect and the school's evasive policy, which is far from being post-racial.


Ginny and Georgia – Netflix

In search of a new chance, Georgia takes her children Ginny and Austin to live in another city. But starting again from scratch isn't so simple.


In treatment – HBO

The intimacy of psychotherapy sessions seen from the perspective of the psychotherapist and their individual patients.


This is us – Amazon Prime

We all have a family. Every family has a story. In this drama series, you can follow the daily life of the Pearson family over several different timelines.